Monday, 17 January 2011


After a very sudden brainwave I have managed to retrieve the cord to reload my camera! Not exactly as the saying goes (it's always the last place you look). It was actually the first place I looked. I just did not look very well.... So a lot of pictures to come again. First of all: The gifts I received from Peg, my lovely partner in the pillowcase swap. She has been angelically patient in waiting for me to finally publish these pictures!

Nicely fitting in, in its new place.

A little closer.

The back

Notebook cover, complete with notebook!

This is what it looks like opened.

Little angel!
 Peg also sent me Vegemite but (I am a coward) I have not tried it yet. I will tell you what it tastes like when I do. Thank you so much Peg, I loved all your gifts and enjoy them every day.

I will post more pictures of finished projects and projects in progress tomorrow!

Lots of love,


  1. I just loved making this for you Heleen....and you have to try out vegemite, only use a little bit, not too thick.......

  2. Whauw I love the pillow! Het is echt prachtig!