Sunday, 14 April 2013


An update. I am still on track. One heart every day....well, not every day.. but definitely seven hearts each week. That means that (as of today) there are 104 hearts in the quilt-to-be.......

It is really growing fast!
Something is starting to happen with these hearts. They create conversations and swaps (ooooooh that is a nice fabric..... you know what happens) all around. In my direct environment (sister, mum, friends, neighbour, etc.) seven people have now hopped on the hearts train! I have no idea how many people are participating, but it would be fun to find out......It is becoming more and more fun. Should you wish to hop on board too, the pattern is available (for free) here.

I mentioned in my last post that I did a lot of stitchery. This one is - appropriately - named Sisters. I made it for my sister, it will probably become a pillow for her garden...... But I am not sure yet. The pattern was another freeby from Red Brolly. I love, love, LOVE that site....

Another completed stitchery. Another freeby! This one is part of a series. A quilt along, hosted by Shelly Pagliai. The blog focusses on the diary of Hazel Ilene. It is a brilliant read and some really amazing blocks. This is block 4 of the Summer Wildflowers. Find out more here

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mystery part 5 and other things

So, I'm back! I lagged behind for a while with the blogging thing. Then I made a bunch of pictures of the stuff I had been making and blogger wouldn't let me post (and brag) about it!

But some really clever people have been working on the problem and it is all better now! YAY!
So - finally - I can show of some of the things I made

This bag was super simple to make and is so much fun to use. The pattern was graciously provided by Bronwyn Hayes at Red Brolly. Please go check out her site. It is full of great patterns and ideas. You will thank me.

The next pictures are from the mystery. And yes, I am completely on track. I have already received part 6 and need to get started on that.
Four of these flowers.

These are the borders that will make this quilt 2.50 x 2.50 meters. -->
<--This picture shows the part I had to do this time (four times). I shouldn't have had to do all of that appliqué..... I however, made a mistake in part four and had to go for a do-over.......

There was also a lot of stitching (when you are checking out Red Brolly, look for the Easter sampler). I will get around to showing you all of it soon. I promise.

Lots of love,